#WSTUDIOtop5 – Reasons You Need A Decorative Carpet

#WSTUDIOtop5 #whyUneedacarpet personality define comfort acoustics longevity
Courtesy of Elizabeth Metcalfe Interiors & Design feat. piece no.24445

1 – Personality: Carpets give soul to a room with their colours and design. They help bring a room to life and reflect the personality of a home. Carpets function as Art for the 5th Wall.

2 – Define: In today’s open concept living, carpets ground a space and help to connect elements of a room. For example, they help to distinguish living from dining spaces.

3 – Comfort: Carpets give comfort and protect the floor from scratches and wear marks. As well, with small children, it helps to cushion against falls.

4 – Acoustics: Carpets reduce noise by absorbing excess vibration improving acoustics for ambient sound quality. For example, in a family/theater room it stops the echo of sound off the walls and floor. In the dining room, carpets muffle the sound of cutlery and dishes improving the ability to converse. For this reason we have been commissioned by restaurants to enhance their fine dining experience. For multi-level homes and condominiums, carpets help block the sound of footsteps from traveling to the floor below.

5 – Longevity: Both Wool & Silk are protein based fibers which makes quality carpets last for generations. Traveling with you to different homes throughout stages of your life they become tomorrows heirloom!

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