#WSTUDIOtop5 – Size & Scale

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From left to right: Nº 26967, Nº 27019, Nº 26965, Nº 26985, Nº 26861, Nº 26802

1 – Size: Go by the size of the room not the size of the furniture. Having 1-2 feet inside the walls is optimum. The bigger the carpet, the larger the room feels. It also helps improve the acoustics.

2 – Sitting Rooms: Placing furniture on the carpet unites the room. Your feet should be on the carpet when sitting down. The piece should be large enough so that when walking, both feet are on the carpet.

3 – Dining Rooms: Because furniture sits in the middle of the room at least 2 feet from the table’s edge is needed. When standing up from the table, chairs should remain on the carpet.

4 – Bedrooms: Instead of having multiple carpets, one large piece brings comfort and completes the room. When getting out of bed, both feet should be on the carpet.

5 – Design Scale: The design scale of the piece must compliment the volume of the space and scale of the furnishings. Consider ceiling heights, size of artwork and other decor elements.


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