#WSTUDIOtop5 – Wool & Silk Benefits

1 – Renewable Resource: Wool is the ultimate renewable fiber, in early summer, sheep are hand sheared by a skilled craftsman and put back out to pasture.

2 – Healthy Choice: Wool and Silk are non-allergenic, have no bacteria growth, dust mites or harmful emissions.A wool carpet acts as a natural filter keeping dust and allergens out of the air so that they do not irritate the respiratory system. Wool fibers are too large to be inhaled making them non-allergenic.

3 – Fire Retardant: Wool’s high protein and moisture content make it difficult to ignite. It self-extinguishes due to the upper pile forming a thick insulating char layer that inhibits fire.

4 – Soil Resistant: Wool has a protective outer layer that prevents spills from penetrating into the fiber. The naturally scaly surface of wool makes it resistant to soiling. Any dirt is held high in the carpet pile where it can be easily removed by vacuuming.

 5 – Temperature Control: Wool creates insulation preventing heat loss and generates heat by absorbing moisture. In winter, wool feels warm and cozy. In summer, wool carpets release moisture for a cool soothing touch.

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