Why Wool?

Many carpets available at W Studio are made of wool.

Why wool?

Renewable & Energy Efficient:
The production of wool & hand woven rugs is extremely energy efficient. Wool is a renewable resource, and grown year round on free roaming sheep. It is then hand sheared, spun and hand knotted by master artisans. It leaves a minimal carbon foot-print on the environment.

Durable & Resilient:
Wool is a natural and luxurious super fibre. It has an ability to stretch and spring back into its original form, even from stubborn furniture indentations, with the use of steam. It can withstand years of use, even in high traffic areas without changing its shape. It is comfortable, slip resistant on stairs and will cushion the falls for toddlers and children.

Easy Care & Soil Resistant:
Wool rugs stay clean by catching soils in the top surface rather than letting stains and dirt fall deep into the wool fibres, allowing for easy removal with a vacuum. The natural structure of wool allows fibers to repel liquids and form beads on the surface once a spill occurs. It gives enough time to pick up spills before the moisture gets absorbed further.

Area rugs are helpful in noise reduction by muffling and absorbing a range of unwanted frequencies in the room and between floors. Noise distractions are diminished while home acoustics are clear and pronounced.

Fire Safety:
Wool fibres have a low combustion quality that is resistant to burning and is naturally self-extinguishing, adding valuable insurance to your family.

Healthy Choice:
Wool is free of harmful VOC emissions (volatile organic compounds) and does not irritate the respiratory system. It prevents breeding grounds for dust mites or moulds; wool is hypo allergenic and beneficial to the health of your family and pets.


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